Kids Club

Kids Club is our after school program for kids in our community. We have about 40 students from Kindergarten to 5th grade in our program. We meet at Immanuel Lutheran Church in the fall and in the spring for a total of 12 weeks. Each week the kids ride the school bus to the church where they check in and get a healthy nutritious snack. They get to play games, engage in a Bible Study and crafts.

Many of our students are not able to go to church. Kids Club is a wonderful way for them to learn their Bible stories and to build a relationship with Jesus Christ. Director Harlee Gronewold, who leads the Bible Studies at Kids Club, says, "It is so rewarding to work with these kids. Many of them do not come from Christian homes so they are so eager to learn. We are fortunate enough to be able to send a Bible home with each child at the end of the year for them to keep. This is the highlight of the year for many of them. I have had many of the kids come back to me and tell how they have read all their Bibles or they start conversations about some of their favorite stories in the Bible."