Jeffery Corson

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I graduated from Wartburg Seminary in Dubuque, Iowa. Since then have served three calls and three interims mostly in the greater Baltimore City, Maryland area with the exception of my last call being in Durant, Oklahoma. I am now serving Faith and Grace Parish. I love to fish and play tennis, and every now and then, get my classical guitar out and play a little music. Hopefully I’ll see you in church or maybe out and about in the Golden/Menden/Liberty area of western Illinois. Stop on by if you are in the area.



Rev. Jeff

Youth & Family Minister

Harlee Gronewold

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Youth and Family Ministry strives to be a meaningful resource for the youth and their families by providing engaging activities, community service, and biblical interactions that let them know God’s love.
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This is a joint ministry between Trinity and Immanuel Lutheran Churchs located in Golden, but all are welcome and encouraged to participate.
We welcome Harlee Gronewold as the Trinity/Immanuel Youth and Family Minister.

Administrative Assistant at Immanuel

Betty Golden

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Administrative Assistant at Zion

Sherri Bradley


  May 2022  
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